03 : About me

Professional knowledge

With more than 30 years of experience in IT I can help you with almoust everything, especialy open source projects based on Linux distros like CentOS (RedHat) or Ubuntu (Debian).
Of course the world of Microsoft is not strange to me :)
I can do for you whole network infrastructure from design to implementation.
Here is my CV in Czech Language.
Here is my CV in English Language.
Scanned testimonials of my trainings and certificates.
Do not hesitate to contact me.

Personal matters

I'm the proud father of my dear daughter.
We are living in village Třebestovice, next to Sadská.
So now we have taken care of the worries :)
I like fishing, I'm a hunter, I like to invent and realize my ideas.

BTW here is freeipa presentation - it is nice identity management in linux enviroment.


In my free time I do websites for my friends, sometimes I program something mostly in Pythony, powershell, sometimes I script something, it depends on situation :)